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Laszlo Fekete was born on the 28th of January 1958, at Ősi, Hungary. Ha an Strongest Man at the Black Bull SE., Csolnok.
He has participated at many strongmen competitions in the past thirteen years, here are a few of his best results:

National result's:
1988-1997 Hungarian Strongest Man (tenfold champion)
1989-1990-1991 Hungarian Toldi Miklós race winner
1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004 Hungarian Strongest Man race winner

International result's:
1988 WSM World Race 8th place
1989 WSM World Race 5th place
1990 WSM World Race 6th place
1992 WSM European Championship 1st place
1993 WSM World Cup 1st place
1994 WSM World Race 1st place
1996 WSM World Race 1st place
1997 WSM Grand Prix 3rd place
1998 WSM Grand Prix 3rd place
1999 WSM Grand Prix 3rd place
2000 WSM World Race 8th place
2000 WSM World even race 5th place
2001 WSM Olympics even 6th place
2001 Unique olympics champion, 222 kg stone lift - world record
2002 WSM European Cup Race even 1st place
2002 WSM European Cup Team 1st place
2003 WSM World Championship even 2nd place
2003 Unique world champion 232.5 kg stone lift - world record
2004 WSM Continent Team 4th place
2004 WSM Continent EC even 1st place

Between 1988 and 2004 countless grand prix and cup winner and result's owner.

1991 Hungarian perpetually Toldi Miklós rank
1991-1992-1993 the best adult sport man on Komárom-Esztergom country
1993 The best sport man on Dorog city
1994 Sport glory prize
1994-2004 The best extreme sport man on Komárom-Esztergom country

2002 March 15th Hungarian Republic merit Knight Cross
"I've never really realized that I had won so many times in my life defeating big names in this sport. I don't think about it. I live my life anybody else. My main goal to make ends needs. All my life I thought the most important thing is that you have to follow your goals, whatever they are. Everybody has got to do what they know best.
You have to be able to make it on your own. I really feel sorry for those youngsters who do not make the effort to find out what are they able to get from themselfes. I have never used any performance enchancing drogs in my life, not even the ones you get over the counter. I belive I am born to be strongmen, I belive I don't need to dope myself with all kinds of drogs just to be able to carry more, lift more, pull more than others.
The most important advice I can give to the ones wanting to listen is that you have to belive in yourself.




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